Oct 27, 2009

introducing... paul airy

"Long ago, pearl fishermen swam deep underwater to find their treasures from the ocean. From there, they brought them to the surface for all to see, and some to own.

As someone who has been described as deep, I too go below the surface – in thought, observation and reflection, on an adventure into both the seen and unseen worlds, discovering, uncovering and bringing what I’ve found to the surface, and revealing it for all to see in graphic art form.

Not unlike the outward appearance of a pearl, my work is clean and graphic, simple though not simplistic. It often features motifs, metaphors, symbols and structure, drawing on natural elements such as trees, fish and water, and man-made elements such as aircraft, digital clocks and buildings.

However, it’s only when you take a closer at my work, that you find that there is more to discover, and that what at first seems ordinary, has contained within it something special."

Visit Paul's website here.

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