Oct 27, 2009

introducing... bukkie dos santos

Bukkie is an internationally exhibited and award winning photographer with a striking portfolio of work. Her style of photography is built on a dynamic approach to the world around us and is a tribute to her creative talents.

Bukkie has always been interested in culture and Cultural diversity. Paying particular attention to our rituals as individuals and as communities. “I believe that man defines himself by ritual” It is this line of thinking that has strengthened her interest in documentary photography which is area of photography that she currently does most of her work.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I love working with people, they make excellent subjects. An expression is all it takes to tell a life’s story. We are creatures of habit, we respond to the spaces around us, our presence or absence from a space evokes a response of some kind, and it is this response that creates stories that can be recorded visually. I feel like I’m a story teller, with my photographs I hope I can bring millions of stories to life.

[Bukkie's website]

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