Sep 29, 2009

introducing... derek hill

Derek likes creating things physically &, latterly, digitally. By day he runs a business making custom seating for wheelchair users, the rest of the time is spent dabbling in ceramics, photography, graphic design & generally making stuff. He also heads the team booking the Visual Arts programme for Greenbelt Festival.

" I've always been interested in shape & form, lines & curves. I like to make functional objects and predominantly use natural materials. For the advent exhibition I'm creating a piece involving oak & ceramics, with possibly some felt & maybe even some gold ideas are still evolving. "

Sep 26, 2009

introducing... carla moss

Carla Moss has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and her work resides in collections such as WBS, Leeds and The Equip Trust, Kazakhstan.
Carla is a landscape painter with a very unique style. She uses mixed media to manipulate surfaces, drawing the viewer into a tranquil world of serenity and calmness. The work however has a twist; on close inspection what seems like a sumptuous and inviting scape is actually a social comment on how the world is constantly changing due to technological advances. Carla looks at how human intervention is slowly eroding and destroying the natural world.

to see more of carla's work, visit her website here

Sep 22, 2009


...this morning a courier arrived at the door with the first piece of artwork for the show...


photographer martin wilson is contributing a piece to the advent exhibition and we just noticed that he's been featured on the 'it's nice that' website...

Sep 15, 2009

introducing... mr penfold

Mr Penfold lives and works in Cambridge, England. He is an artist who makes paintings, installations, prints and drawings. The paintings have strong linear elements. These are gracefully drawn outlines which work both with (and against) the ground. Much of the work features people he has observed in bars and pubs. He uses screenprints, woodcuts and etching to make his prints. This is a natural extension of the work he does in a professional printmaking studio where he works with many well known artists.

mr penfold's site

introducing... sally baker

"My passion is to express and communicate the nature of God.

My work is clean, elegant and contains layers of meaning. Predominantly inspired by nature, the elements and our inherent spirituality, I am interested in concept, composition, pattern and decoration. My designs can be realised on any scale, in fabric, as a surface decoration, as fine art pieces or graphic design projects.

I enjoy experimental layering utilising drawings, collage and photography in order to explore the concept of hints and glimpses … seeing one thing through another..."

sally's website...

Sep 10, 2009

introducing... dave nevard

Over the last year Dave Nevard has found himself making work from within the lust-fuelled environment of Amsterdam's Red Light District, to amongst the makeshift beds of the homeless under Hong Kong's overpasses.

Dave Nevard says: "As an artist I believe I belong in cracks, in dirty places filled with the stench of broken dreams and unfulfilled potential. In places where mediocrity suffocates and consumerism kills. Below this barren landscape lies an un-harnessed potential capable of rocking our comfortable boats. As an artist, I consider it my privilege to meet this potential head on and allow it to form delicately into a crisp, fresh voice.

"I believe everybody holds the potential for incredible beauty and creativity and art can play a part in releasing people into the fullness of this. In drawing people's portraits I have seen the powerful ability art has to transcend language, instill value, dignity and worth for victims of leprosy in South West China. I believe art can be a powerful catalyst for change; to unpick lies, unveil truth and present stories of the voiceless.

"It is my dream to see art weave together the worlds of rich and poor, to allow street art and gallery spaces become a home and voice for those who find themselves unheard, unwanted and forgotten and let those of us fortunate enough to enjoy health, wholeness and freedom respond with passion to these new found voices."

dave's flickr...

introducing... nick davies (interviewed at the greenbelt festival)

Nick Davies talks about his work in Palestine from Greenbelt Festival on Vimeo.

Nick Davies is a keen photographer who has exhibited in Britain and sells work internationally.

Nick studied theology at the Universities of Sheffield and Edinburgh before working for seventeen years in communications and fundraising for Christian Aid, Save the Children and Livability. He has worked and travelled in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, Nicaragua, El Salvador, India and Pakistan. He currently lives in south London and is working as a curate in the Church of England. “For me photography was a hobby that has grown to become an important part of my vocation.”