Sep 10, 2009

introducing... dave nevard

Over the last year Dave Nevard has found himself making work from within the lust-fuelled environment of Amsterdam's Red Light District, to amongst the makeshift beds of the homeless under Hong Kong's overpasses.

Dave Nevard says: "As an artist I believe I belong in cracks, in dirty places filled with the stench of broken dreams and unfulfilled potential. In places where mediocrity suffocates and consumerism kills. Below this barren landscape lies an un-harnessed potential capable of rocking our comfortable boats. As an artist, I consider it my privilege to meet this potential head on and allow it to form delicately into a crisp, fresh voice.

"I believe everybody holds the potential for incredible beauty and creativity and art can play a part in releasing people into the fullness of this. In drawing people's portraits I have seen the powerful ability art has to transcend language, instill value, dignity and worth for victims of leprosy in South West China. I believe art can be a powerful catalyst for change; to unpick lies, unveil truth and present stories of the voiceless.

"It is my dream to see art weave together the worlds of rich and poor, to allow street art and gallery spaces become a home and voice for those who find themselves unheard, unwanted and forgotten and let those of us fortunate enough to enjoy health, wholeness and freedom respond with passion to these new found voices."

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