Nov 13, 2009

a word from our greenbelt

"Each year punters at the Greenbelt festivals donate tens of thousands of pounds at the event's Sunday morning service – and online throughout the year. Knowing that Greenbelt’s ethos and values are reflected in the projects funded is so important.

Greenbelt and the efforts of Trust Greenbelt are synonymous - a holistic response that ensures we continue to use the arts to liberate creativity in face of exclusion, exploitation and injustice.

Recognising the potential to be groundbreaking and life-changing Trust Greenbelt supports quirky, entrepreneurial and risky ideas. Many come from modest community focussed projects where a seemingly insignificant amount of funding can have an immeasurable impact. Trust Greenbelt gets ideas off the ground and gives voice to the marginalised often supporting initiatives that wouldn't make it in to traditional funding reviews.

'Trust people and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Greenbelt continues to hold true to Emerson's words, trusting some amazing people with your money, trying where others may not be able to, to help them to do great things. We can only do this if you continue to Trust Greenbelt too - trust us to find those special projects and people that need someone to trust their special vision..."

Trust Greenbelt.

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